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UA Special Board Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Nena Phillips
also would like to know how the district plans to handle the new CDC recommended guidelines.
Lynn Jackson
will any part of next school year be virtual?
If the weeks are not used, will there be any accommodations for childcare for the younger grades at the school during the "extra" time off? Most daycares do not accommodate school age children except for specific periods of breaks.
Lynn Jackson
when will school start for next year?
Nena Phillips
is the calendar a year round schedule or ending in May? The TEA pot looked cut off.
Ludivina Sorrentino
This question is from a parent tyler campus can’t make it to the meeting. Will UTTUA try to keep a similar calendar to the local ISDs
Gwen Williams
How will this affect when school ends and will other ISDs participate as well? If school goes longer, it will affect the ability to participate in summer camps that normally take place in June.
Also, if students miss school due to prolonged sickness or a household member testing positive - will the class lessons be broadcast via google meets or similar so they can still attend lessons and do the work as required?
Jaime Rinehart
How will this work with dual credit classes? Will dual credit students work during the off weeks and then finish early at the end of the college year?
Joey Lowe
I've researched the intersessional calendar and the State of Utah has enjoyed success with their model. Just for info.
Amanda Traywick
If our elementary-age students will be behind- why would we not apply for the additional days grant? Will there be time for remediation without that?
Nena Phillips
If parents are not comfortable sending students back in the classroom based on the recommendations, will distance learning be an option?
I have concerns about the minutes discussions, if you "bank" minutes how do you ensure that the standards taught toward the end of the school year are still covered.. It would seem that lesson plans are developed to cover certain things at a certain times, so if minutes are banked and we just decide to pull from the bank - how do we ensure that all standards are covered and mastered that may be missed? Also, one of the reasons we moved to this school was because minutes were being used to extend school days to a much longer school day to get in the minutes, vs. having days that may be shorter but are more beneficial because kids are "stuck" in a classroom for a very long day... If this comment doesn't make sense, please feel free to reach out via email.
Amanda Traywick
How are minutes counted if classes are virtual?
Nena Phillips
if the day is extended, would more extra curricular activity options be added?
Kirsten Garcia
How will the extended breaks planned for this new calendar affect the length of Summer Break? In other words, what is the estimated impact an intersessional calendar will have on Summer Break in light of the “recommended six weeks of intersessional breaks in addition to regular calendar” (slide 5 of TEA presentation)?Will a year-round school calendar model be considered?
Is this change to go to intersessional, would this be a year by year decision or would we be considered intersessional from now on?
Nena Phillips
How are parents being selected for the committee to help decide what the plan is?
Joey Lowe
I believe too we need to also put serious consideration into a virtual calendar that will work given the real possibility that school closures may occur more frequently and for greater periods of time than being anticipated at the moment.
Megan Hjorth
sorry if this has been asked. I have the concern of considering homeschool in fall to protect my immediate family members with chronic respiratory disease and not be able to return to UA once it is more safe because of the lottery process.
What is the school day hours on this calendar? I may be missing it but I don’t see what a school day would be.
Lynn Jackson
would the intercessional calendar have allowance for increase student absences? since the school year would be longer
Gwen Williams
I think it is important in the minutes vs. day discussion to take into account that longer days for the students could potentially result in lower test scores. My scholar does not perform as well when tasked with things requiring thought later in the day. If days are extended, additional physical activities may need to be built in to provide a break from sitting in the classroom and help them to stay focused.
Lynn Jackson
what about vacations already planned for the first of August? will there be allowances for that if you move the start date of school
Yes I agree with Gwen that we definitely need to consider the mental and physical toll of longer days. Especially for younger scholars.
Jenee Rossum And family
I would rather see the calendar say we are out “X” days instead of the bad weather day makeups. It is almost impossible to find as needed babysitting for the younger grade levels.
Joey Lowe
Just playing devil's advocate, why not maintain our current calendar, out in place plans to switch to virtual learning during school closures and lobby or petition the State to maintain school funding during periods of mandatory closures?
Amanda Traywick
Agreed, Joey.
How do the teachers feel about the possibility of more breaks in school? I've always heard it is harder for students and teachers going into a break and coming out of break.. Will this cause more breakdown in learning due to the possibility of multiple breaks just weeks apart? Also, will we lose good teachers due to the reduction of summer or inability to plan?Also, to agree with multiple comments and reiterate my prior comment, I do not support extending the school day in order to get extra minutes.
Lynn Jackson
maximizing minutes do not correspond to maximizing student engagement. this correlation is certainly not true for lower school ages.
Nena Phillips
I completely agree.
Jenee Rossum And family
agreed Lynn.
Joey Lowe
I agree
I agree. I do not see how minutes benefits the scholars.
Not a fan of the banking minutes calendar
David Erickson
I’m very concerned about moving the school day to 455 minutes per day. I’ve both taken and taught collegiate level courses that are 480 minutes per day, five days a week. They are BRUTAL and learning is consistently negatively impacted. Is a longer school day supported by evidence or considered a best practice?
Jenee Rossum And family
As a mom of 3, I am ok with the breaks more often and continuing through June.
Nena Phillips
I’m with Jenee
Betsy Brush Hahn
Great point that this is a COVID calendar and not permanent!
Nena Phillips
I’d prefer if we’re going to make a change, that it would be permanent. Swapping around every year is not beneficial imo.
Betsy Brush Hahn
Appreciate all the work and thought that's going into planning. It's a challenging situation and I believe key to our success will be working together.
I’m thankful you guys are weighing all options and taking the time to think thoughtfully about them. I do agree with concerns about a longer school day.
I would like to use virtual learning for times of closing, if it would be allowed
Jenee Rossum And family
Thank you all for your hard work. How do we make sure that our teachers are compensated and taken care of with the extended time? I know a lot of teachers depend on a summer job.
What if it is a school closure because of flu and not covid? Can you still use the days? Is it still 14 days minimum?
Betsy Brush Hahn
I strongly support a format where at least high school students can transition to remote learning if needed. It's not ideal, but I have seen my 10th grader transition to online school with amazing ease. I credit UA for teaching self-responsibility for learning.
Amanda Traywick
Yes!! Agreed, Betsy. It has flowed to elementary students as well.
Lynn Jackson
yes! our 5th grader has done an amazing job transitioning to virtual learning and I give credit to his amazing teachers!
Betsy Brush Hahn
If the coming year turns out to be extremely challenging, could students add on a year of school altogether? e.g. go 13 years vs 12?
Chris Deel
When I consider all of this from the perspective of a parent with at least one child with high anxiety, I can at least say for us that longer school days are definitely less preferred. We very much appreciate the shorter school days. Spreading out the breaks and moving to an extended school year seems like something we ought to consider with or without covid issues. Thank you for sharing all this information and possible calendars. Thank you also for doing such an amazing job dealing with this end of year online. We feel it has gone very well. I think this last few weeks has shown how well we could use online learning when necessary.
Joey Lowe
Great question Betty
If you try to break the school day, are the kids really getting the instructional minutes? Also, where would the kids go if they were going half-days?
Nena Phillips
How are working parents supposed to navigate that sort of staggered schedule? I cannot take half days to bring my child in at noon and I’m sure most parents cannot.
Mr. Moran Ezra wants to know if you’re in NYC?! ;)
Please look at the way some parents let their children come to school sick an not let anyone know. This is life and death. I rather my son continue on learning on zoom than to risk his life or anyone as a matter of fact.
Lynn Jackson
will your parent survey have questions on who can and cannot support virtual learning on a full time basis?
It’s like y’all are being asked to come up with a plan a bunch of plans and then it will get thrown in a blender and we’ll all see what we get! Goodness. You all are such servants! Thank you for putting in so much time to come up with ideas.
Jenee Rossum And family
Excellent question.
Mary Hoppe
How likely are you to hire additional support for the up coming year?
Brooke Kinsman
My son is coming from a public school in our area next year so adding time to the day is not troubling to me. I fully believe that the staff would ensure that students are engaged and have the appropriate breaks. I believe that the extra time in the day would be a good idea only because I trust the teacher to make sure best practices. He was attending school until 3:15 or so already. I appreciate all that you are doing to make this successful for our kids!
Brooke Kinsman
I would also like to say that I appreciate the work you are doing as a board to protect the teachers, their time, mental health, and professional development needs. This is very important so our students can be successful.
this sounds like such a nightmare. I have a lung disease and so my child bringing home stuff makes this hard. he wants to go back to school though. you all have been great. I know the right decision will be made.
Mary Hoppe
How likely are you to increase your teacher aids in order to support online learning for classes that are hybrid?
Christy's Personal Phone
yes! uttua teachers, admin and students are awesome! I have no doubt we will figure out the best model for everyone’s growth AND safety
Betsy Brush Hahn
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the meeting like this. It's great to see and hear the thinking as it emerges. Would VERY MUCH like to have zoom participation in the future. PROUD of our leaders and instructors!
Betsy Brush Hahn
Thank you to everyone, and also the wonderful teachers that have made the last half of this year the best it could be under the circumstances.
Betsy Brush Hahn
Thank you!
Congratulations to everyone!
Betsy Brush Hahn
Congratulations! Go team!
Mary Hoppe
Yes, this school district is awesome!
Joey Lowe
Way to go!!! 🇺🇲
Jenee Rossum And family
YAY!!! That is amazing.
Stephanie Pugh
I love the zoom board meeting format